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5 Easy Steps to Acquiring Water Ripple Stainless Steel Ceilings

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Linda Wong

As one of the co-founders of Vigorss, I have been deeply involved in the decorative stainless steel sheet industry for over ten years, gaining extensive knowledge of product craftsmanship. I enjoy approaching issues from the customer's perspective, so the blog posts can address many customer pain points. Feel free to leave a comment to suggest topics for the next posts.

Are you a construction project manager looking to modernize your commercial or industrial building? Or, perhaps an interior designer aiming to add unique flair to a residential property. If so, the perfect product may have just arrived: water ripple stainless steel ceilings! You've heard about it and you're intrigued, but where to start? Fear not, my friend. With Vigorss as your trusty companion, the process is easier than you might think.

Table of Contents

Select Your Ripple Pattern and Color

Pattern Selection

The decision of selecting a ripple pattern and color for your stainless steel ceiling marks the commencement of your creative journey. At Vigorss, we offer three widely-used types of ripple patterns: small, medium, and large. To delve deeper into the fascinating world of the ripple pattern, we invite you to explore our enlightening blog post titled “What is a Water Ripple Stainless Steel Sheet?” There, you will find comprehensive information that will quench your curiosity and provide valuable insights.

Stainless Steel Water Ripple Sheet

Color Selection

Color selection is just as crucial. Silver mirror stainless steel is the epitome of a classic, modern aesthetic. It’s the ideal choice for an industrial or futuristic style. But don’t limit your imagination to silver. Dive into the embrace of gold, rose gold, blue, green or bronze for an opulent, luxurious vibe. Or, if you’re seeking a bold, contemporary edge, water ripple black stainless steel ceilings deliver an unrivaled dramatic impact.

Vigorss colored stainless steel sheet
Color Selection

In essence, consider the overall design of your room, the source of lighting, and the interplay of shadow and light with your chosen ripple pattern. Remember, you’re not just selecting a ceiling, you’re creating a design statement that will elevate your space to new aesthetic heights.

Provide Ceiling Drawing and Confirm the Appropriate Installation Method

Once you have selected the ripple pattern and color for your stainless steel ceiling, the next step is to provide a detailed ceiling drawing. This drawing should accurately reflect the dimensions of the ceiling, including length, width, and any unique features or angles.

Ceiling Drawing
Ceiling Drawing

After submitting your ceiling drawing, it’s time to confirm the appropriate installation method. The decision to opt for a direct installation or a suspended system hinges on several factors, including the ceiling height, desired design aesthetic, professionalism of the site workers, and the existing infrastructure. Consider these aspects to make an informed choice that aligns with your vision and ensures a seamless integration.

Vigorss Water Ripple Ceiling Panel Installation Manual
Water Ripple Ceiling Panel Suspended Installation Manual

For lower, smaller size ceilings, direct installation is usually recommended, while a suspended system is more suitable for higher ceilings in commercial buildings. At Vigorss, we provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process, offering expert advice and guidance to ensure a flawless and efficient installation of your stainless steel ceiling.

Direct sticking onto the roof
Pasting on the wooden board

To learn more, we invite you to explore the following informative blog post.

Determine the Panel Quantity Based on Installation Method

After determining the installation method, it is crucial to calculate the number of panels required for your stainless steel ceiling. The quantity of water ripple stainless steel panels needed will depend on the overall dimensions of your ceiling and the specific installation method chosen.

Attaching Directly to the Roof by Adhesive

For a direct installation with silicon glues, the panels are typically placed edge-to-edge across the breadth of the ceiling. To calculate the number of panels required, measure the total area of your ceiling and divide by the area of one panel. Typically, each panel has dimensions of approximately 1000mm*1000m to 1000mm*2000mm, making it easier to handle during installation. Always round your result up to ensure you have enough material.

How to install water ripple ceilings

Get the Complete Manual for installing water ripple ceilings

Suspended Installation

Vigorss Drawing

On the other hand, calculating materials for a suspended installation can be more complex. This is because additional dimensions need to be reserved on all four sides of each panel to accommodate bending, grooving, and hole-punching processes, which are integral to the suspended ceiling system. Share your project drawings with us, and our engineers will accurately determine the number of panels required.

For the M&E services (Lighting, air vents, fire sprinkles), we recommend creating the holes on-site. This is because the water ripples are uneven, which may cause slight deviations in hole placement indicated in the drawings. As a result, the lights may not be installed properly at the intended locations.

With this information in mind, you should now have a better understanding of what is required for your stainless steel ceiling project. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. We are always here to help you create the perfect ceiling for your space.

Choose the Stainless Steel Grade and Panel Thickness Based on Usage and Budget

Selecting the appropriate stainless steel grade and panel thickness is crucial in attaining the perfect harmony between aesthetics, performance, and budget.

Stainless steel comes in various grades, each with unique characteristics that make them more suitable for certain applications. At Vigorss, we typically work with two grades: 304 and 316.

304 and 316 Grade

304 grade stainless steel is the most common choice. It’s cost-effective, easy to maintain, and highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation, making it an excellent choice for most interior applications. It’s the perfect fit for a stylish office space, trendy restaurant, or modern residential/commercial project.

But for projects where the ceiling might be exposed to harsher conditions like high humidity or salt in the air—think coastal properties, swimming pool ceilings, or outdoor installations—, or if your budget permits, 316/316L grade stainless steel is the best known as marine-grade stainless steel. It contains molybdenum, which gives it enhanced corrosion resistance. Though slightly more expensive than its 304 counterpart, it offers superior durability and longevity.


Recommended Thickness Range

When it comes to thickness, it typically varies from 0.8mm to 3.0mm. If you opt for adhesive installation, we suggest a thickness range of 0.8-1.5mm. This is because thicker panels can be cumbersome and make it difficult for workers to handle on-site. On the other hand, if you opt for mechanical installation, a thickness range of 1.5-3.0mm should be considered as thicker panels provide improved strength and rigidity.

When selecting the grade and thickness of your stainless steel panels, consider the intended usage, location, and budget for your project. Keep in mind that Vigorss is here to offer expert guidance, ensuring you make the optimal decision based on your unique requirements.

To Sample is to Believe: Make a Sample Order to Test the Quality

Physical samples can allow you to verify the compatibility of the panels with your existing structures and decor. You can test out the installation method, check the color coordination with your interior elements, and assess the impact of lighting on the ripple effect. It’s like taking your new car for a test drive before deciding it’s the perfect fit.

Abundant Selection of Water Ripple Sheet Samples

At Vigorss, we have an ample supply of water ripple samples in various colors of small/medium/large ripple all year round, such as mirror silver, mirror gold, mirror rose gold, mirror black, mirror blue, mirror green, mirror violet etc. This allows you to get a better visual reference before making your purchase.


If you opt for a suspended ceiling installation, we can provide you with a fully finished panel. It will be custom-made with bending, grooving, and hole-punching, allowing for direct connection to the ceiling system. This will greatly assist you in presenting it to your construction team, ensuring they are thoroughly prepared for the installation ahead.

Vigorss Ceiling Panel Sample
Vigorss Ceiling Panel Sample

Explore Full Range of Samples

In addition to our water ripple pattern sheets, we offer an extensive inventory of different finishes and patterns, providing you with a diverse and abundant selection to meet your needs.

We provide a wide range of stainless steel finishes, including hairline, satin, sandblasted, and vibration. We also offer PVD coated, embossed, stamped and etched patterns. This allows you to choose the ideal design for your project while ensuring consistent coloration across all designs.

Vigor Stainless Steel Sheet
Vigor Stainless Steel Sheet

Vigorss is delighted to offer stock samples with worldwide shipping via DHL/FedEx to our first 5 clients for free each month. Reach out to us today for expert guidance and to avail of our exceptional free sampling service!


Crafting your ideal water ripple stainless steel ceiling is an art, and Vigorss is here to simplify the process into five clear steps. Begin by selecting a ripple pattern and color that resonates with your style. Provide a detailed ceiling layout, then decide on the installation method, guiding the quantity of panels required. It’s vital to select the appropriate stainless steel grade and panel thickness for durability and budget compatibility. Lastly, ordering a sample allows you to experience the product’s quality and fit for your space.

So, whether you’re a construction project manager, architect, or interior designer, let these steps guide your journey towards creating the ideal water ripple stainless steel ceiling. Remember, with Vigorss, you’re not just buying a product, but partnering with a team dedicated to realizing your vision. Let’s create architectural magic together.

To learn more about our products or to request free samples, please reach out to us via email at [email protected] or give us a call at 0086-13715484114. Contact us now!


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