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Stainless Steel Sheet Import Information Just in One Place - The Ultimate Solutions

Do you want to import decorative stainless steel sheets for your projects or wholesale in your local market? This ultimate solution will help you with everything about product and import information.

Hi, I am Linda Wong from VIGORSS. Let me guide you through this ultimate solutions page.

Linda Wong

I am the co-founder of VIGORSS. This is my 11th year working with it. I want to make a summary of what I have learned about decorative stainless steel sheets and some useful experiences I have accumulated in my work over the years. Please click the button on the left, you will find some exceptional solutions for stainless steel sheets and some advice of the import.

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    What are Decorative Stainless Steel Sheets?

    Decorative stainless steel sheets are produced through the physical effect of various surface treatments, such as mirror, hairline, or satin polishing, and then according to the specific demand,  the surface can be further processed by physical or chemical action into a variety of patterns, including sandblasting, embossing, stamping, etching, anti-fingerprint, PVD color coating, electroplating, or nano painting.

    Decorative stainless steel sheets have a multitude of excellent properties, such as corrosion resistance, recyclability, and durability. However, one of the most outstanding features is corrosion resistance. When exposed to air for a certain period of time, the main oxidation layer on the surface of decorative stainless steel sheets will form with chromium as its basis; this oxide film has good protection capability against water and soil, which can effectively avoid the most chemical attacks. Furthermore, the surface color coating or anti-fingerprint can strengthen the surface’s anti-rust layer. Decorative stainless steel sheets with excellent corrosion resistance not only provide saving labor and material cost but also can reduce the maintenance costs of buildings. Contact us today on how to customize stainless steel sheets.

    Three Types of Basic Surface Treatment

    The three basic finishes of stainless steel include mirror polishing, hairline polishing, and satin polishing. Most stainless steel patterns will start with one or two of these three finishes, and then continue to do the subsequent pattern making processings. We strongly suggest that anti-fingerprint is a must for hairline and satin sheets, which will be much easier to handle in the following installation.

    Mirror stainless steel sheets are a beautiful and reflective surface that not only can function as an ideal mirror, but enhances the performance of other parts on display. Different grind levels are available to fit different needs, ordinary mirror(8K), fine mirror(10K), or super mirror(12K) depending on your preferences. The mirror polishing technique is popular as it provides a reflective surface to the stainless steel sheet. In this technique, the stainless steel sheet is polished using a fine abrasive and then ground with a reflecting agent that enables light to reflect from the surface. Usually, it is done on stainless steel sheets with 0.3mm~3mm thickness. Mirror finish can be easily combined with PVD color coating and it is an easy way to create a modern statement for any room that needs more light.

    Hairline polishing is a finishing technique in which the stainless steel sheet is smoothed with lines that run parallel to the edge of the piece. To be more specific, it has fine, hairlike lines running in the same direction along its surface. Hairline sheet is smooth to the touch, and it will not accumulate dust or dirt.  Usually, before brushing the hairline, a layer of satin grinding will be done first. Besides, the hairline grain can be deep or shallow determined by the sand type on the belt. During the production, the stainless steel sheet is loaded on the table of the machine and then pushed against the rotating belt by a roller stand. The hairline finish generally can be available on 0.3mm~3mm thick sheets. Its uniform texture and colorlessness keeps well even after years have passed.

    Satin stainless steel sheets are obtained with No. 180~320 grit grinding belts with unidirectional texture and low surface shine reflectivity, which is also called brushed or directional finish because it has both horizontal and vertical lines made from scratches on the sheets, giving them their own unique look. The process is divided into two types: dry grinding for direct polishing with an abrasive belt on the sheets without adding any abrasive lubricant while wet grinding for spraying of abrasive fluids on stainless steel sheets during the processing,  either by water or oil. The grain by oil grinding is finer than water grinding but at a higher cost. Generally speaking, the satin finish can be ground on stainless steel decorative sheets with a range of 0.3mm~3mm thickness.

    Six Types of Stainless Steel Sheet Patterns

    Stainless steel sheets done with the basic surface treatment can then generally obtain different pattern effects through six kinds of processing methods, including embossing, etching, stamping, vibration, cross hairline and combination. Most of the patterns can be color coated either by PVD or nano plating and anti-fingerprint processed.  

    By rolling coils of stainless steel with 6K mirror finish directly into the mold to form a three-dimensional surface, we can make stainless steel sheets with interesting patterns like leather, wood, stone, flower, etc, and even we can create a rustic, natural look for a geometric or organic pattern. This is called embossing. Some of our stock patterns add a contemporary feel to the sheet, and we can custom emboss any design or texture for a truly unique and one-of-a-kind product. The result is a stainless steel sheet that has an interesting 3D surface that can resists scratches. 0.3mm~2mm is the most common thickness range for embossed stainless steel sheets. Let us know what you are envisioning so we can help bring your vision to life. 

    The stamped stainless steel sheet is produced by precision pattern mold so that the surface appears in all kinds of beautiful concave and convex patterns. A stamping process called “water ripple” creates surfaces with multi-layered bumpy flowing waves due to it being extruded up or down by hydraulic machinery, which gives this material its unique look. This particular type has become one most popular lately because it not only ages well over time but offers other great qualities such as eco-friendliness too. Most of our clients prefer to combine embossing with PVD color coating to have an aesthetic effect. According to our years of practical experience, the thickness of 0.8mm~2.0mm is most suitable for stamping sheets.

    The stainless steel etched sheet is to etch various patterns on the surface of stainless steel by chemical method. It is usually mirror or satin polished before etching. The etched stainless steel sheet undergoes a number of stages in order to make it a gorgeous surface. The processing steps include surface purification, acid resistance, ink printing, etching, ink removal, and drying to complete a unique and artistic surface design. Acid is used to etch the surface, removing a thin layer of metal around the areas protected by a mold. The etched portions of the surface will be rough, setting them apart clearly from the rest of the sheet. What’s more, etching combines well with other technologies, such as, titanium color coating, electroplating, partly vibration and hairline polishing.

    Stainless steel vibration sheet is made by grinding heads of vibration equipment irregularly swinging from up to down and left to right. It has a unique visual effect when seen at distance, it may look like many circles; but if you get closer for an inspection then there will be some disorder in what was once beautiful grain patterns. Vibration finish is one of our most sought-after surface treatments because it is the result of highly skilled craftspeople and adds a lot of functionality as well as beauty.  What’s more, it can also be electroplated or PVD color coated, which effectively enhances the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and other properties. The suitable processing thickness is normally 0.3mm-3.0mm depending on the actual applications.

    Sandblasting is to spray steel sand (steel shot) on the surface of stainless steel sheets by machines so that the sheet surface shows a fine bead-like sand surface and the quality and finish of the product surface can be improved greatly. During the production, the sand particles in the air inside the machine that hit stainless steel sheets will be attached to it by electrostatic force, which is called static electricity so that the finely divided metal particles carried by air will be deposited on the surface of the stainless steel sheets. The stainless steel sheet with the sandblasting treatment has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance and is widely used in various industrial fields. The suitable processing thickness is normally 0.5mm-3.0mm depending on the actual applications.

    VIGORSS stainless steel sheets with 3D effect


    Combination stainless steel sheets are the ultimate in stainless steel. They combine several surface treatments to produce a finished product that is aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. The mirror, satin, sandblasted, vibration polishing, and color coating and etching make use of different levels of art processing for an exceptional finish on your material. After being processed by various treatments,  the surface shows different effects on different parts. These stainless steel combinations have different decorative effects for use in various industries. It is mainly used in luxury building decoration, elevator decoration, interior decoration, high-grade electronic products, luxury home appliances, etc., allowing us to customize various specifications and applications.  

    Applications of Stainless Steel Sheets with Different Finishes

    Mirror stainless steel sheet with PVD color coating is easy to cut, bend and adjust which makes it the perfect material for framing mirrors. You can get many kinds of colors for your choices, such as gold, rosy gold, black, or some other colors you desired. It has good durability, elegant appearance, and a low maintenance cost.

    The stamped stainless steel sheets come with an affordable, beautiful design that allows you to add style and elegance to the building. Ripples give a natural feel that comes from the water, they’re comforting and nostalgic. Bringing this feeling into your home is as easy as adding stainless steel sheets to the ceiling.

    316 polished stainless steel sheet with anti-fingerprint is corrosion-resistant, which means it will stand up to the sun and rain without rusting or peeling. When building facades, you want an option that can withstand outside elements while not giving fingerprints after handling – this durable material does just that.

    The 304 patterned stainless steel sheets have become the first choice for designers and architects to be used for interior wall panels because they look great, last long, and keep their shine for years.For instance,  embossed, stamped, etched, and combination designs can be customized for your project.

    Kitchen cabinets require shelves that are easy to clean and prone to producing fingerprints due to frequent use. Stainless steel satin sheets provide a look of elegance paired with ease of clean-up. Besides, our satin sparkles under the light and brings a rich, luxurious feel to any kitchen. 

    Order Process Flow and Estimated Time

    We work fast. We have our own equipments and inventory, and the whole production line operates very smoothly. We are fully capable of handling rush orders. Let’s take a look at the whole order process flow and estimated time for each step.

    Step 1: Negotiation (1-3days)

    The first step is order negotiation. Please tell us what you need. You can contact us by filling out a form, sending a message on WhatsApp, or calling us directly. Our sales staff will give you a quick proposal and make a quote based on your needs. This ensures that we can deliver services quickly & accurately.


    Step 2: Sampling (1-7days)

    Our products have a variety of surface treatments, colors, and patterns that makes them hard to truly match with just one photograph. If you want the closest look possible for your needs then we recommend sending us an actual sample; if the sample is unavailable, we can still make a sample according to the photo and courier it for your approval.

    VIGORSS sampling of stainless steel sheet

    Step 3: Payment (1~3 days)

    After you confirm the prices, sample design, and sample quality, we will make PI for you according to your order requirements.  Once it has been confirmed by both sides as correct, you can arrange a certain percentage of deposit to us, generally, 30% of the total order amount, and the remaining 70% will be paid before shipment. Usually we can receive the payment after 2~3 working days.


    Step 4: Production (10-30 days)

    We will start production as soon as we confirm receipt of your deposit. The production process is outlined below: raw material procurement and processing, stainless steel sheet surface treatment, quality inspection, film pasting, and packaging. Our sales staff will prepare a detailed follow-up form according to the contracted delivery time and update you regularly throughout each stage.

    VIGORSS PVD color coating workshop

    Step 5: Quality Inspection (1-3days)

    To ensure the highest quality, you can come to our factory in person or appoint a third party to do a quality inspection, either during the production process or before packaging at the end. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with us at every stage .We welcome and cooperate with any inspections, in order not to compromise the delivery deadline if there are any issues found.

    Quality control of VIGORSS stainless steel sheet

    Step 6: Shipment (7~50 days)

    We do everything we can to ensure your shipment arrives in flawless condition. After you approve the final product, we book the container. On the loading day, we offer professional service throughout this process from start to finish, such as multi-angle filming of the container, video shooting of the process, cargo reinforcement, and sealing of the container. After finishing, we will make a loading video and report for you to keep. It takes about 3~7 days from customs clearance to boarding the vessel, and then another 5~40 days to reach various ports of destination.

    Container loading of VIGORSS stainless steel sheet

    The Basic Knowlege About Decorative Stainless Steel Sheets

    The following article provide some basic knowledge about stainless steel decorative sheets. We try to use simple and easy-to-understand expressions to let you reach a certain knowledge of our products, and to facilitate your purchase.

    Why Stainless Steel Countertops Are Gaining Popularity?

    From the cool elegance of quartz to the rustic charm of reclaimed wood, countertops play a vital role in shaping a restaurant’s atmosphere. Yet, despite the changes in kitchen design trends, one material continues to dominate professional kitchens: stainless steel.
    While other options offer undeniable aesthetic appeal, stainless steel stands out for its unique combination of functionality and durability. Let’s explore why this trusty metal remains the undisputed champion of restaurant countertops.

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    How long does it take to import decorative stainless steel sheets from China?

    As a Vigorss member with a keen eye for innovative materials, I’ve been impressed by the popularity of decorative stainless steel sheets. These are not your standard industrial steel panels; they offer a captivating array of finishes, from intricate etchings and water ripple textures to vibrant colors. Vigorss, a supplier based in China, boasts extensive experience in exporting these visually striking sheets to a global clientele. The demand for decorative stainless steel in various projects, from architectural cladding to interior design accents, is experiencing significant growth. However, this increased popularity raises a crucial question for international clients: what is the typical timeframe for importing decorative stainless steel sheets from China?
    In this blog post, we will delve into the import process, providing a comprehensive overview and a realistic timeline for incorporating these stunning elements into your design projects.

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    Champagne Gold Stainless Steel Sheet: How to Achieve the Perfect Finish

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    Can decorative stainless steel sheets be 1250mm wide?

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    The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet for Your Project

    Imagine a material that has stood the test of time, blending history with modern innovation seamlessly. Enter mirror stainless steel sheets, a versatile and durable solution for various applications. With roots tracing back to early 20th-century industrial advancements, these sheets have evolved into a symbol of elegance and functionality in contemporary design. Whether you seek a sleek finish for architectural projects or robust surfaces for industrial needs, mirror stainless steel sheets offer both style and substance.

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    Antique Stainless Steel Sheet: A Complete Guide for Selection

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    Exploring the Elegance of Vibration Stainless Steel Sheets

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    The World of Inox Patterns: An In-Depth Exploration

    Inox, also known as stainless steel, is highly regarded for its exceptional corrosion resistance and ability to withstand extreme conditions. These properties make it an ideal material for a wide range of architectural and design applications. The versatility of inox is further enhanced by its availability in numerous patterns, each capable of adding a unique aesthetic touch to interior and exterior decor. When choosing the perfect inox pattern for your projects, consider factors such as the overall design theme, the intended functionality of the space, and the desired visual impact. In this blog post, we delve into the various types of inox patterns and provide tips on how to incorporate them effectively in your interior and exterior decor projects.

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    5 Easy Steps to Acquiring Water Ripple Stainless Steel Ceilings

    Are you a construction project manager looking to modernize your commercial or industrial building? Or, perhaps an interior designer aiming to add unique flair to a residential property. If so, the perfect product may have just arrived: water ripple stainless steel ceilings! You’ve heard about it and you’re intrigued, but where to start? Fear not, my friend. With Vigorss as your trusty companion, the process is easier than you might think.

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    Consideration When Buying Patterned Stainless Steel Sheets

    Material Grade

    Commonly used stainless steel materials are 201, 304, 316 and 430, of which the most popular of all is 304 for its strong corrosion resistance as well as machinability in metalworking applications or with decorative purposes such like fabricating parts out of sheet metal shapes.

    Pattern Type

    Decorative stainless steel sheets are available in various patterns and can be customized as per your demands. They can be classified into the following types: mirror, brushed, sandblasted, hairline, vibration, PVD color coated, embossed, etched, stamped, laminated, etc.


    Please inform the specific application site where the stainless steel sheets you purchase will be used. If you are not quite sure what styles are suitable for your project, our sales will give you some effective suggestions based on our years of practical experience.


    There are two standard sizes of stainless steel sheet, 1219*2438mm(48″*96″) and 1219*3048mm(48″*120″). The maximum width can be 1500mm and the length can be custom-made. Considering the transportation factor, the maximum length is usually 4000mm.


    If you want to use the stainless steel sheets for indoor or outdoor decoration, we recommend using 0.5mm~2 mm(11ga~26ga)thickness. Generally speaking, the thickness range of decorative sheets is 0.3mm~3mm, because the surface treatment cannot be done for sheets above 3.0mm.

    Sample Test

    We can provide free samples upon your request. After you receive the samples, you can do various tests including surface polishing, color comparison, cutting, bending, welding and spectrum test. So be sure to tell us the specific requirements, and we will prepare samples to meet your needs.

    How to Select a Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet Supplier?

    It is important to find a stainless steel decorative sheet supplier that has the capacity and ability to meet your needs.

    The production capacity is one of the most important factors to consider when making a purchase. You want to make sure that they have the ability to meet your needs in a timely manner. This includes having the necessary resources in stock, as well as being able to follow through on orders quickly.

    In addition to having a strong production capacity, it is important that the supplier also has the necessary equipment in place. This allows them to manufacture high-quality products that meet your specific requirements. Having access to the latest technology and equipment also ensures that the supplier is up-to-date with the latest trends in the market. Furthermore, a supplier with a strong production capacity and state-of-the-art equipment is likely to have a well-trained staff. This means they will be able to handle any requests or inquiries you may have in a timely and efficient manner.

    Export packaging of VIGORSS stainless steel sheet

    The ability of the supplier’s sales staff to follow up on orders is another important factor to consider. You want to make sure that they are able to promptly address any issues or concerns you may have. In addition, you want to be sure that they are able to keep you updated on the progress of your order.

    This includes providing updates on when the order is scheduled to be delivered, as well as any changes that may occur. It is also important that they are able to answer any questions you may have about the order. Besides, the ability of  providing quotations and handling orders are also crucial factors for consideration. You will find that suppliers who have extensive experience working on projects like yours are likely to be more knowledgeable about your specific requirements. This can make it much easier for you when it comes time to place an order, as they will already have a better sense of what you need and how best to meet those needs. You want to look for suppliers who understand the value of providing excellent customer service in addition to quality products.

    VIGORSS workshop of stainless steel sheet

    The importance of having excellent post-sales service should not be underestimated. This is especially true when it comes to products that are critical to the day-to-day operations of your business. In some cases, the supplier may be unable to provide after-sales service technicians on staff at all times.

    Having a supplier who is willing to go above and beyond in terms of providing outstanding customer service can take your business to the next level. This will ensure that you are able to get all the support you need from one place, allowing you to focus on growing your company even further. It also ensures that when it comes time for new projects, you will be able to work with a supplier who already knows your business and its needs.

    In addition, it ensures that when the time comes for new projects or repairs on existing products, you can rely on having someone there who is familiar with your company’s history and requirements.

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