Stainless steel decorative sheet supplier in China

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Stainless steel decorative sheet supplier in China

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As one of the co-founders of Vigorss, I have been deeply involved in the decorative stainless steel sheet industry for over ten years, gaining extensive knowledge of product craftsmanship. I enjoy approaching issues from the customer's perspective, so the blog posts can address many customer pain points. Feel free to leave a comment to suggest topics for the next posts.

There is a wide variety of suppliers available in China, but you should always know what you're looking for before making a purchase. This article will tell you some useful stainless steel plate information and some tips on finding verified suppliers that offer the products at affordable prices.

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Decorative stainless steel sheets are an excellent way to make your construction project stand out. Stainless steel decorative sheet suppliers in China have been supplying stainless steel to the construction for a long time.

Basic information on decorative stainless steel sheets

Grade of stainless steel

AISI 304JIS SUS 304DIN 1.4301
AISI 304LJIS SUS 304LDIN 1.4306
AISI 316JIS SUS 316DIN 1.4401
AISI 316LJIS SUS 316LDIN 1.4404
Grade of stainless steel

Standard sizes

1219*2438mm(48″*96″) / 1219*3048mm(48″*120″) / customized sizes with max width 1500mm

Widely used thickness


Surface Protection

5C+7C white top and black bottom PVC or laser film for export use

Basic surface polishing


Generally speaking, there are three types of mirror-polished stainless steel sheets, general 8K, fine 8K, and super 8K, representing three different levels of finishing. The most popular type is general 8K. It has a good balance between cost and quality, making it a great option for many projects. Fine 8K and super 8K are best used for high-end projects or products that need extremely smooth surfaces, like elevators, medical equipment, and other parts of machinery.

VIGORSS decorative stainless steel sheet
Vigor Stainless Steel Mirror Sheet


Brushed stainless steel sheets include hairline and satin. The main difference between these two brushed stainless steel sheets is the unique finish of each one. Hairline or ‘linen’ brushed stainless steel sheets offer a fine texture look to surfaces that they are being used on. Satin has 180grit, 240grit, and 320grit. The larger the number, the finer the grain on the surface.

VIGORSS decorative stainless steel sheet
Vigor Hairline Stainless Steel Sheet

Further surface treatment

PVD Colored / Nano-painting Colored / Vibration / Sandblasted/ Etched / Embossed / Stamped / Combination

Detailed descriptions of these designs are available on the solutions page of VIGORSS.

VIGORSS decorative stainless steel sheet
Vigor Hairline Stainless Steel Sheet

The applications of stainless steel decorative sheets

Interior Decoration

Stainless steel decorative sheets can be used as wall panels, ceiling panels, and other interior decorations.

Interior decoration application of VIGORSS decorative stainless steel sheet
Vigor Colored Stainless Steel Sheet Application

Exterior Decoration

Stainless steel sheet suppliers can provide you with stainless steel sheets that are weather resistant and durable, so they can be used for exterior applications such as fences, gates, window frames, door frames, and more.

Exterior decoration of VIGORSS decorative stainless steel sheet
Vigor Water Ripple Stainless Steel Sheet for Ceiling Panel


There is a wide range of furniture that can be made out of stainless steel sheets including tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves, etc. The stainless steel sheet can give a modern and luxurious look.

Furniture made of VIGORSS decorative stainless steel sheet
Vigor Colored Stainless Steel Sheet Application

Commercial use

Many businesses choose to use stainless steel in their signs or logos because it has a very professional appearance. It’s also often used in offices, restaurants, and stores.

Water ripple ceiling made of VIGORSS decorative stainless steel sheet
Vigor Water Ripple Stainless Steel Sheet for Ceiling Panel

Two Major Stainless Steel Cities in China

Foshan city and Wuxi city are currently the largest stainless steel sheet processing bases in China mainland, Asia, and their industrial capital, market demand, and global competition levels are all economically important forces in the iron and stainless steel industry of our country.

Wuxi City

It is located in Jiangsu Province, China, near Shanghai city, its stainless steel scale, material structure, and production capacity are among the top three in China.

Foshan City

It has the most complete stainless steel decorative sheet processing industry chain in China, which can produce all kinds of customized stainless steel decorative sheets starting from raw material stainless steel coils, including slitting, sheet flattening, shearing, mirror polishing, brushing, PVD color coating, electroplating, sandblasting, etching, embossing, stamping, laminating, etc.

Foshan stainless steel market in China
Foshan Stainless Steel Market

How to select a reliable stainless steel decorative sheet supplier in China?

There are a large number of decorative stainless steel sheet manufacturers or companies in Foshan, China, so selecting the right reliable supplier is not an easy task when there are so many options available out there. Therefore, it becomes crucial that you take some time and consider certain parameters before finalizing your purchase decision.

Knowledge and Experience

Generally speaking, the longer a company has been established, the more product knowledge and experience it should have. However the reality will be a little different, some companies are taking one or two years of experience and repeating it for ten years, resting on their laurels and not having a heart to keep learning.

I personally believe that the company’s establishment time is not the primary consideration. The most important point is his familiarity with the products, speaking tone, response efficiency, etc. A high-quality supplier should be willing and able to share product features and usage considerations in simple terms, has a long-term vision and is able to provide you with not just the current products but also advice on new product developments that could meet your needs.


Custom Sampling

Stainless steel decorative sheets have various processing techniques, so there are many colors and patterns to choose from, and there is a certain difference between the picture color and the real thing, so a good stainless steel sheet supplier has the ability to make samples according to the pictures or samples you provide. 

In addition, the sampling time is also a factor to determine whether he is professional or not. As for some commonly used surface treatments, such as mirror, mirror gold, mirror rose gold, mirror black, brushed gold, brushed rose gold, brushed black, etc., a good supplier has sufficient samples in stock and can send them to you at once.

VIGORSS decorative stainless steel sheet customized sampling
Vigor Custom Sampling


A good stainless steel sheet supplier should be honest to convey the product details and upfront about everything involved. The product quote should accurately include real information, such as the origin of raw material (mill labels on the coil), the actual thickness, and the unit weight.

The supplier must also be able to provide a mill test report (MTR) for each batch of stainless steel plate product, from which you can find the exact metal composition percentage, including nickel, chromium, carbon, etc.

Metal composition of VIGORSS decorative stainless steel sheet
Vigor Spectrum Test Result

Product Quality

A good stainless steel sheet supplier should also be proactive in providing quality certificates (such as SGS reports) for their products. Moreover, they will ask initiatively if there is a designated third-party representative to do quality checks.

Generally, product quality inspection will be done at three points of time: during production, before packaging, and after packaging. The supplier should work closely with the customers to ensure that all inspections are conducted smoothly. There should be no major defects on the surface of your decorative sheets such as scratches, rust spots, dents, etc., which can affect the presentation and overall look of your finished project.

Thickness inspection of VIGORSS decorative stainless steel sheet
Vigor QC


Moreover, verified suppliers should guarantee the quality of products and have a system in place for handling complaints or problems that may arise. This system should be easy to use and provide customers with a quick resolution.

A good quality warranty will guarantee that the product is free of most defects. For example, how many years can the color of stainless steel sheets be guaranteed not to fade in indoor and outdoor respectively? What is the percentage of problem surface defects for each batch?

Choosing a stainless steel sheet supplier can be difficult, but by considering the above five points, you can rest assured that you will find a trustable supplier.


  • Location: Foshan, Guangdong Province, China
  • Company type: manufacturer / wholesale
  • Year founded: 2011
  • The number of employees: 50+
  • Main product: 304/316 Stainless Steel Decorative Sheets
  • Main export market: the USA, the Middle East, and Asia.
  • Annual surface processing capacity: 1.5M Square meters
VIGORSS stainless steel workshop
Vigorss Workshop

10 years of establishment

VIGORSS is a stainless steel sheet supplier with over ten years of experience in the field. Our factory covers an area of 15,000 square meters of workshop and warehouse.

Quick Response

All inquiries will be replied to within one hour and we provide a 24/7 online professional follow-up service.

Easy to Order

Our min order is small, starting with only 10 pieces of standard size. We offer a wide range of sizes and colors to choose from our abundant stock, so you can find the perfect product for your needs, and we are working on continuous improvement based on customer feedback.

VIGORSS stainless steel sheet warehouse
Vigor Export Packaging

Fast Sampling

We have a team of experienced engineers who can provide technical support and advice on the best use of our products. We can prepare the samples that our customers request and arrange the delivery by express within 24 hours after we receive the product picture or samples.

Follow-Up Service

After you place the order, we will offer a customized production schedule with the estimated start and end time of each process and prompt updated follow-up. Moreover, we will give you a container loading report after it is finished. We will also give you a timely tracking of your cargo once the container has been shipped.

Quality Guarantee

The color coating has a 10-year indoor warranty and a 5-year outdoor warranty. Besides, we have a good after-sales service system. If there are any questions or quality problems, our after-sales staff will deal with them in a timely manner.


If you are searching for a quality stainless steel sheet supplier, contact us today. We would be happy to discuss the products you are interested in and answer any questions you have. We believe in providing our clients with the best possible products and services, and we are confident that we can exceed your expectations. We value every inquiry. Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or call us at 0086-13715484114.


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