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Antique Stainless Steel Sheet: A Complete Guide for Selection

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As one of the co-founders of Vigorss, I have been deeply involved in the decorative stainless steel sheet industry for over ten years, gaining extensive knowledge of product craftsmanship. I enjoy approaching issues from the customer's perspective, so the blog posts can address many customer pain points. Feel free to leave a comment to suggest topics for the next posts.

Ever wondered about the allure of antique stainless steel sheets? These timeless pieces not only embody history but also exude elegance and durability. From jewelry to interior design, antique stainless steel sheets offer a unique blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Uncover the rich historical context behind these remarkable artifacts and explore how they continue to shape contemporary design trends.

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What is antique stainless steel sheet?

Antique stainless steel sheets go through a series of surface treatments to give them a weathered or aged appearance. Unlike regular stainless steel, which often has a shiny, brushed or matte finish, antique sheets have a unique and old-fashioned look that makes them stand out.

Two base colors for antique stainless steel

Antique stainless steel sheets are available in two base colors: copper and bronze. These colors give the stainless steel a unique, aged appearance that adds character to various applications.

The antique copper option offers a warm, reddish-brown hue that resembles traditional copper materials. On the other hand, the antique bronze color provides a rich, deep brown tone with subtle metallic undertones. Once the base color has been prepared, it can undergo several additional steps to create a wide range of patterns.

How is Antique Stainless Steel Sheet Made?

Production Process

Antique stainless steel sheets are crafted by the following processes that impart an aged or weathered appearance to the metal.

  1. The antique stainless steel sheet starts with 2B finish stainless steel sheets as the raw material.
  2. These sheets are then transformed into a satin finish by using a grinding machine.
  3. Next, a layer of real copper or bronze is applied to give it an authentic look.
  4. Blackening can be done to achieve a black effect, skip it if not necessary.
  5. Depending on the requirement, the sheet is brushed to create a hairline or left as it is.
  6. Various patterns are manually created based on provided photos or samples.
  7. Finally, a layer of bright, matte AFP(anti-fingerprint), or even nano-painting is coated to enhance the color richness.

The production process is really fascinating! Antique stainless steel sheet is a great choice if you want to give your architectural projects a vintage touch. It can be used for both interior and exterior wall cladding, as well as for decorative elements inside.


Each piece is unique

Among one of the most important processes is to manually create various patterns on the surface. Therefore, each piece of antique stainless steel sheet is unique and cannot be replicated.

If you happen to have a sample of an antique stainless steel sheet, we can get pretty close to matching it, achieving about 90% similarity. However, once it’s installed, the overall style will be consistent and in line with what you’re looking for.

How to select antique stainless steel sheets?

Grade of stainless steel

There are three common types of stainless steel – 201, 304, and 316. Let’s take a closer look at each one and understand what makes them unique. First, we have 201 stainless steel. It’s not as strong as the others and is the least expensive. Next, we have 304 stainless steel. It is stronger than 201, costs more, and has better resistance to corrosion. Lastly, we have 316 stainless steel. It is extremely strong and can withstand even the harshest conditions, but it comes with the highest price tag.

So, depending on your specific needs for a stainless steel sheet, you can choose the grade that suits you best! The most commonly used grade is 304, which is suitable for most applications.

Size and Thickness

Size and Thickness

Antique stainless steel sheets are available in various sizes and thicknesses, giving customers the flexibility to select the most suitable option for their specific project. The standard widths offered are typically 1000mm, 1219mm, and 1500mm, while the length can be customized to meet different requirements like wall cladding or interior design applications.

If you’re thinking about using the sheets to decorate the inside of your space, a thickness of 0.8mm-1.0mm should suffice. However, if you’re looking to use them for cladding the exterior walls, it’s recommended to go for a thickness range of 1.5mm-3.0mm as they offer better strength.

Quality and Samples

VIGORSS sampling
Sample Match

When it comes to antique stainless steel sheet, quality is of utmost importance. Before making a purchase decision, we offer samples for you to evaluate. These samples display various colors, finishes, and levels of distressing achieved through our treatment process. This allows you to determine the authenticity of the antique appearance and choose the grade that best suits your design needs.

If you have specific project requirements, you can even ask for custom color or pattern options. This way, you can get antique stainless steel sheets that are perfectly suited to your personal preferences. It ensures that you receive high-quality sheets that are tailored just for you.

Lead Time

Before purchasing antique stainless steel sheets, it’s essential to consider the lead time for production and delivery. Due to the involvement of multiple processing procedures, the production time may be longer. If your project has a tight schedule, it is important to negotiate the timeline with us in advance.

Other Popular Patterns of Stainless Steel Sheet


Embossed stainless steel sheets are made by rolling coils of stainless steel into an embossing mold to create raised designs on the surface. After that, the coils are sliced into flat sheets. The end result is a metal sheet with a three-dimensional surface. The popular embossed patterns include linen, leather, stone grain, sand grain, wood grain and tree bark grain.

VIGORSS stainless steel embossed sheet
Vigorss Embossed Pattern

Embossed stainless steel sheets offer both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits. The raised patterns not only enhance the visual interest but also provide added strength and durability to the material. Moreover, they can effectively hide scratches or fingerprints that may occur over time due to regular use.


Stamping stainless steel involves applying pressure to metal sheets using a die, resulting in the creation of a textured surface. The die consists of two parts: the upper punch, which has a negative image of the design, and the lower die that supports the workpiece during stamping. When the metal sheet is stamped, the raised portions of one die leave an imprint on the sheet.

VIGORSS stainless steel stamped sheet
Vigorss Stamped Pattern

Common stamped patterns include water ripple, 5WL, 6WL, diamond, square, quilted, and honeycomb, etc. They offer versatility in terms of design possibilities while maintaining the corrosion-resistant properties associated with stainless steel materials.


Our etched stainless steel sheets are made by applying one of our design patterns or by incorporating the specific requests and designs of our customers. A type of acid is used to remove a thin layer of metal from the surface, leaving behind intricate and detailed designs or patterns on the steel. The etched areas will have a rough texture, clearly distinguishing them from the rest of the sheet.

VIGORSS stainless steel etched sheet
VIGORSS Etched Pattern

If you have pictures or files of the texture, we can use etching to display it on the stainless steel sheets. We are capable of doing anything as long as you can imagine it.

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At Vigorss, we specialize in providing exceptional antique stainless steel sheets, combining historical charm with contemporary functionality. Our sheets are versatile, suitable for a variety of applications such as interior design and architectural projects. We offer a range of grades, finishes, colors, and the option for custom patterns, ensuring that each product uniquely enhances your project.

Quality and customer satisfaction are at the heart of our ethos. With Vigorss, you gain a partner committed to delivering excellence. Whether it’s antique, embossed, stamped, etched, or custom-designed sheets, we focus on exceeding expectations with every product we deliver. Experience the difference with Vigorss, where each antique stainless steel sheet is a testament to our dedication to quality and excellence in craftsmanship.

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