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What is a stainless steel mirror sheet?

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As one of the co-founders of Vigorss, I have been deeply involved in the decorative stainless steel sheet industry for over ten years, gaining extensive knowledge of product craftsmanship. I enjoy approaching issues from the customer's perspective, so the blog posts can address many customer pain points. Feel free to leave a comment to suggest topics for the next posts.

A stainless steel mirror sheet is a type of stainless steel that has been polished to give it a reflective finish. This article will go in-depth about how a mirror stainless steel sheet is made, the different types of mirror polishing, and some of the most common uses.

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A mirror-polished stainless steel sheet is a metal material that has been polished to create a highly reflective surface, which has a mirror-like finish. The raw material is cold-rolled 2B-finish bright annealed stainless steel sheets. It can be available on one side or both sides of the stainless steel sheet.


Mirror stainless steel sheets are categorized into three types based on surface gloss: general mirror (8K), fine mirror (10K), and super mirror (12K). The most commonly used is the ordinary 8K, which offers a reasonable cost for projects with limited budgets.



One benefit of a cold-rolled stainless steel sheet is that it does not rust. This happens because the chromium in the steel reacts with oxygen to form a very thin, invisible layer of chrome oxide on the surface of the metal. This layer protects the underlying steel from further corrosion by forming a barrier between the steel and any other substances that might cause rust. The percentage of nickel in stainless steel also affects its ability to resist rusting; steels with higher percentages of nickel are more resistant to corrosion than those with lower percentages.


There are many stainless steel materials and commonly used grades including 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 201, and 430, etc., They contain different chemical composition ratios, resulting in their different physical properties. The following is the chemical composition table for your reference.

GradeNickel %Chromium %Carbon %Molybdenum %
3048.0~10.518.0~20.00.08 Max
304L8.0~10.518.0~20.00.03 Max
31610.0~14.016.0~18.00.08 Max2.0~3.0
316L10.0~14.016.0~18.00.03 Max2.0~3.0
43016.0~18.01.20 Max
2010.8-1.0013.0-16.0 1.00 Max

Yield Strength

The yield strength of a cold-rolled stainless steel sheet is the amount of stress at which a material begins to deform plastically. The yield strength for 304 stainless steel is approximately 75,000 psi. 316 stainless steel has a higher yield strength of 80,000 psi. Stainless steel sheets are available in several different thicknesses, so it is important to select the appropriate sheet thickness for your application. thinner sheets have a lower yield strength than thicker sheets. For example, a 0.032-inch thick stainless steel sheet has a yield strength of approximately 35,000 psi, while a 0.125-inch thick sheet has a yield strength of approximately 95,000 psi. When selecting a stainless steel sheet, be sure to choose one that has the appropriate mechanical properties for your application.

Tensile Strength

It is the maximum stress that a material can resist before fracturing. The higher strength will allow it to be more formable as well as maintain its shape when force is applied. This property makes stainless steel sheets very useful for applications where a strong but workable material is required, such as aircraft bodies and car panels.

VIGORSS stainless steel
Tensile Strength Test


It is the resistance of a material to being scratched or abraded. Stainless steel sheets have a hardness of approximately Rockwell C 40-45, making them relatively resistant to scratches and dents.


The size of a stainless steel sheet can vary depending on the grade and thickness of the metal.

Available Sizes

Width: 1000 / 1219 / 1500mm or Custom-made

39″ / 48″ / 59″

Length: 2438 / 3048 / 4000mm or Custom-made

96″ / 120″ / 157″

Available Thicknesses

0.3mm~3mm (11ga~26ga)

Surface Protection

Single-layer or double layers of laser/PVC film can protect the mirror finish well from scratches during transportation.


Stainless steel mirror sheets are widely used in a variety of applications. Some common uses include:

-Architectural applications: Stainless steel mirror sheets are often used as a decorative element in both interior and exterior designs. They can be used to create mirrored walls, tile trims, ceilings, or floors, or to add shine and reflectivity to other surfaces.


-Cosmetic applications: Stainless steel mirror sheets can also be used in makeup and beauty products. They are an excellent choice for compact mirrors, as they can provide a clear reflection even when curved or wound into the shape of brushes.

Made by VIGORSS stainless steel mirror sheets

-Industrial applications: Stainless steel mirror sheets may also be used in various industrial products and machinery to increase shine, improve the visibility of controls, add strength and stability to components such as levers and gears, or reflect light in specific directions.

Made by VIGORSS stainless steel mirror sheets

When choosing a stainless steel mirror sheet for your application, it is important to consider the thickness. Thinner sheets are more flexible but may not be as strong, while thicker sheets are less flexible but can withstand more wear and tear.

They can be used in a variety of settings to add a touch of glamour or sophistication, and their durability makes them a popular choice for many applications. Stainless steel mirror sheets are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical option for high-traffic areas. If you’re looking for an eye-catching way to enhance your space, consider using stainless steel mirror sheets.

Production Process

Stainless steel 8K mirror polishing is to choose stainless steel 2B plate as the base material and add the abrasives on the grinding tools and red powder is one of the commonly-used abrasive materials.

There are two methods of stainless steel mirror finishing, machine polishing, and manual polishing. Manual polishing costs higher than machine polishing, but the surface can achieve a better brightness. You can choose the surface gloss level corresponding to the specific application scenario required, general 8K, fine 8K or super 8K.

Machine Polishing

The production process is as follows: cleaning, coarse grinding, further grinding, cleaning, drying, film lamination.

The coarse grinding heads have two types, coarse and fine and the coarse grinding part in the machine contains 6 to 8 sets of grinding heads, of which 3~4 sets of coarse grinding header and 3~4 sets of further grinding header. The further grinding part generally has 14 sets of grinding heads.

The coarse grinding heads are mainly used to throw off the oxide layer on the surface of the stainless steel sheet, and the fine grinding heads are used to improve the surface brightness and eliminate the grinding head scratches.

Manual Polishing

The process of manual and machine polishing is mostly the same. The advantage of manual polishing is that the polishing technician can find tiny scratches or any surface problem easily. If you have a high demand for surface brightness, we recommend you choose manual polished mirror stainless steel sheets.

Key Point of Mirror Polishing

A very important factor in determining the mirror effect of stainless steel sheets is whether the stainless steel sheet is of high quality.

If the origin of the plate is not one of the large steel mills, such as TISCO, POSCO, JISCO, etc., no matter how good the polishing technology is, it is still not easy to achieve the high required brightness.

A Manufacturer of Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet

If you are looking for Mirror Stainless Steel Sheets that have a perfect mirror finish, then VIGORSS is the right manufacturer for you. We can accept a small quantity order and MOQ is only 10pcs of each thickness because we have a big inventory of various surface treatments. Mirror sheets can be further processed by color coating, etching, embossing, cross-hairline, or sandblasting.

VIGORSS workshop
VIGORSS workshops

VIGORSS is a supplier of mirror stainless steel sheets with 10 years of export experience. We manufacture cold-rolled stainless steel sheets in the following Grades: Type 304/304L, 316(L)/316Ti, 430, and 201. Our mirror-polished stainless steel sheets are manufactured from high-quality raw materials which make them ideal for applications where strength is important such as aircraft or building construction. In addition, the mirror stainless steel sheets that we manufacture go through a rigorous polishing process that leaves a perfect mirror finish. This makes them ideal for use in industries such as automotive, aviation, and medical where a high level of shine and perfection is required.

Welcome to visit our website for more information or product pricing, Free samples of different finishes can be arranged as per your request. You can also contact us via sending an email at [email protected] or phone us at +86-1371-548-4114 for any questions that you may have.


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