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What is a brushed stainless steel sheet?

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As one of the co-founders of Vigorss, I have been deeply involved in the decorative stainless steel sheet industry for over ten years, gaining extensive knowledge of product craftsmanship. I enjoy approaching issues from the customer's perspective, so the blog posts can address many customer pain points. Feel free to leave a comment to suggest topics for the next posts.

A brushed stainless steel sheet has a very fine grain finish that is created by passing the sheet metal over abrasive sand belts. This gives the sheet a textured look and feel. Hairline and satin are the two most popular brushing types. Besides, the surface of the brushed sheet can be PVD colored, including gold, black, rose gold, grey, violet, pink, sapphire, and rainbow, which is commonly used for cosmetic applications in some countries and regions.

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Different types


A hairline stainless steel sheet is a type of brushed stainless steel sheet that has been given an even finer grain finish. This makes it less likely to show scratches and marks. It is perfect for use in high-traffic areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Hairline sheets are available in a range of different finishes, including straight hairline, cross hairline, and diagonal hairline.

Cross Hairline

A cross hairline stainless steel sheet is a type of stainless steel sheet that has a very fine crosshatch pattern on the surface. This type of sheet has good corrosion resistance and is often used in applications where a smooth, polished finish is desired. It is available in several different grades, including 304, 304L, and 316L. They can be cut, punched, drilled, and fabricated into different shapes or forms to meet the needs of any project. This type of grain can often be found on the mirror finish or general-purpose bright finish.

Straight Hairline

A straight hairline is a type of finish style on the metal that has been specifically designed to have a very thin, straight line down the middle. This makes it ideal for use in applications where a clean and precise appearance is required, such as in the fabrication of signage or architectural features.

Diagonal Hairline

The diagonal Hairline grain gives the stainless steel sheet a sleek, modern look. It is very popular for use in high-end kitchens and bathrooms. The Grain can be seen running diagonally from one corner of the sheet to the opposite corner. This type of grain is often used on the 2B matt finish. It can also be found on mirror finishes.


A satin stainless steel sheet is a type of metal that has been especially bright annealed so it can be polished or buffed to produce a shiny finish. Most people are familiar with standard mirror-like finish stainless, but this material also comes in brushed and textured finishes which offer more unique looks for different applications. There are many items that can be made from satin stainless, such as countertops, appliances, and automotive trim. The sheet itself has a very sleek appearance and is available in different widths and lengths to suit your needs.

When it comes to choosing the right metal for your project, you can’t go wrong with the satin stainless steel sheet! It’s beautiful, durable, and perfect for a wide range of applications. So if you’re looking to add some shine to your next project, be sure to give this material a try!

Advantages of brushed stainless steel sheets

Brushed sheets are often used for kitchen appliances, cookware, and decorative applications. They offer good tensile strength, high resistance to stains, and excellent corrosion resistance making them ideal for residential cooking surfaces.

Besides their great strength-to-weight ratio benefits the application in aerospace structures because of their alloy composition (typically 80% iron). This also makes them a popular choice for architectural cladding and signage. Additionally, brushed stainless steel can be easily fabricated into different shapes and sizes which makes them a versatile material for many applications.

The production process

The production process includes the following steps:

  • Purchasing raw materials: stainless steel coils.
  • Uncoiling the stainless steel coils and slitting them into strips.
  • Shearing the strips into desired sizes.
  • Pressing the sheets into shape.
  • Brushing the 2B finish with the sand belts of different sand grids.
  • Inspecting and packaging the finished product.

Selecting the suppliers

Brushed stainless steel offers a great combination of beauty, functionality, and durability. When it comes to choosing suppliers, you should make sure they can provide quality products at competitive prices with excellent customer service, which means they should be able to fast respond to your questions at all times as well as offer technical support when needed. This will ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish!

Here are some questions that need to be asked during the process:

– What is the origin of raw material? Which brand is it?

– Any suggestions on grade and size selection?

– What are the product specifications and real thicknesses?

– Are free samples available?

– What are the production process and quality control measures?

– Does the supplier offer a good warranty period on their products?

– How quickly can they deliver?

– Do they offer a money refund for any after-sales quality problems?

– Any other relevant factors that should be considered?


VIGORSS is a manufacturer of stainless steel sheets with various surface treatments. We have more than ten years of export experience and offer 24/7 online services. In addition, we guarantee a money refund for any quality problems after you receive the products. This makes us a reliable supplier of brushed stainless steel.

VIGORSS stainless steel workshop
Vigorss Workshop

We also provide customized services to meet the different needs of customers. With our rich production experience and strict quality control system, we can ensure that the products are of high quality and meet customer expectations.

Available Sizes

Width: 1000 / 1219 / 1500mm (39″ / 48″ / 59″)or Custom-made

Length: 2438 / 3048 / 4000mm (96″ / 120″ / 157″ )or Custom-made

Some stock sizes at competitive prices are also available.

Available Thickness

0.3mm~3mm (11ga~26ga)


We can start from a small quantity, 10pcs of each surface treatment only.


  • High quality: the materials used in the production process are all high quality, all from big mills, such as POSCO, JISO, TISCO, etc, which ensures that the products have excellent performance.
  • Durable: brushed stainless steel sheets from VIGORSS are very durable. They can be used in a variety of applications and will withstand the test of time.
  • Affordable: despite their high quality, brushed stainless steel from VIGORSS are affordable. This makes them a great value for your money.

If you are interested in high-quality, durable, and affordable brushed stainless sheets from a reliable supplier, please contact VIGORSS.


Brushed stainless steel sheets are a great option for many different applications. If you’re looking for a versatile material that will add style to your project, brushed stainless steel is a great choice.

If you are interested in high-quality, durable, and affordable brushed stainless sheets from a reliable supplier, please contact VIGORSS.

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